DFS smart virtual reality 7D max


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Scope of advice:

We have a full range of variants of cooperation with our company. We have extensive experience as business partners, contractors – suppliers, as well as independent 7D system operators. Thus, we feel fully competent and motivated to advise our customers in terms of:

Idea – Kino7dmax

Place with high-throughput, entertainment nature of the conditions required for the installation of modern entertainment. Cinema-7Dmax is equivalent to the modern needs of such characteristics as:

Multimedia attractions:

This modern simulators often are combined with 3D technology. They are used as a supplement to traditional entertainment – such as 4D Aquariums, often used in sealariums or other theme parks. Modern equipment and its accessibility makes this type of attractions to be only limited by our imagination. We are willing to participate in any venture in the field of:

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