DFS smart virtual reality 7D max


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The success of our cinemas are special, smart 4D seats for installations in multi-sensory cinemas. 4D seats are designed to show various complex sensory effects and potentiate the cinema experience. By synchronizing unique “visual-sensory” experience, individual elements can be easily transformed into an exciting multi-sensory theater. Each unit is composed of armchairs (consisting of four seats), which are then placed on a multi-level floor. Controlled by synchronized central system, the effects created by the smart 4D seats become an integral and coordinated part of a film.

Characteristics of the system:

Applied seats are the latest development of technology in the field of 7D cinema based on solutions using a variety of special effects. This system combines unprecedented move of seats controlled by the latest technology with a broad spectrum of special effects, based on highest level of AV systems solutions.

The operators of cinemas and their audiences can enjoy the following effects:

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