DFS smart virtual reality 7D max


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About Us

We are a company with many years of experience on the cultural-entertainment market, specializing in providing entertainment using cutting-edge technology. We provide and implement the latest technologies in the multisensory cinemas industry in Poland. We have extensive experience and persistence in the pursuit of enlarging our offer, bringing benefits to both our viewers who experience in the cinema real, previously unknown emotions, as well as we bring tangible business benefits for our partners.

Based on the experience of the American entertainment industry, we introduced the first 7D Cinema on the Polish market, which we have already implemented in several Polish cities that continually enjoy wide popularity. Rich in experience in providing entertainment at the highest level, we decided to focus on the most modern cinemas and solutions that are not yet available in Poland.

To our business partners we offer full service – we provide complete equipment together with a detailed instruction manual and a later service. In all cinemas we have modern chairs and a management system, the cinema interior we arrange ourselves. We are able to fit into rooms of different sizes and characteristics.

Our modern cinema seats, which are moving very smoothly, are equipped with stereo speakers and a built-in sprinkler. They also have a package of 10 special effects including the effect of vibration with variable frequency activation. Our films are of high quality while the special effects are at the highest level. The viewer watching a three-dimensional film, perfectly synchronized with the effects in the chair + steam, smoke, sound – very intensely involves in the dynamics of the film.

Our network of cinemas and business partners who cooperates with us is constantly growing. At present we have our cinemas in such resorts as Międzyzdroje, Ustka, Łeba, Augustów, Zakopane or Niechorz. In addition, we sell our systems to foreign partners. We are the only representative in Europe of this modern unique technology, which is our competitive advantage.

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