DFS smart virtual reality 7D max


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Implementations – new projects

As a company operating in the wider area of the entertainment industry we are focusing attention on the news. By visiting numerous exhibitions and tradeshows all around the world we are able to obtain a continuous competitive advantage in our market.
We carry out the implementation in the following steps:

Staff training:

An important step in implementation is competent training of staff. Even the best and most modern attraction does not bring joy to customers and measurable gains without a well-trained service. Our solutions of multistep recruitment and training do not leave places for mistakes and errors in our service.

Training and implementation of staff always put under our own watchful “eye” from feminization with device maintenance, their safety and the overall security and solution, efforts to continuously improve of sales.
Technical Implementations

We are able to implement the bravest projects and plans. We have our own trained staff, good IT provider and competent contractors operating in close cooperation with us. Among other things, Simnoa LTD (Israel-US) – The world leader in the design and manufacture of 7D cinemas, and IT solutions for entertainment.

We are also in constant cooperation with the manufacturers of components needed in Poland.

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